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Agents Program

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Why Join The Agent's Programme?
  • Suitable for regulated IFAs and unregulated financial professionals
  • Gold and silver fall outside of FCA regulation
  • The FCA has re-classified gold bullion as a Standard SIPP Asset
  • Competitive commissions paid immediately (if required)
  • Full training, systems and support offered
  • Clients receive full documentation
  • Physical Gold Ltd leads the industry with their Agent's Program for financial advisors, wealth managers and non-regulated agents.

    We understand that regulations can make introducing alternative assets a difficult process, but our products have proven to be the easiest alternatives to meet suitability tests and provide genuine portfolio balance and value. The FCA have now reclassified gold bullion as a Standard SIPP asset.

    We’ve worked with a vast number of UK and international financial professionals over the past 5 years to deliver market leading physical gold and silver investments to their client base. Through this journey, we’ve adapted along with the regulatory environment to make the process and your job easier.

  • The Agent Program is perfect for financial professionals wanting to add physical gold and silver to their clients’ long-term portfolios


    Financial Advisors across the country are realising that a truly whole-of-market approach – including alternative investments such as physical gold and silver – helps to manage the risk of their client’s long-term portfolios – especially in the current economic climate.

    Physical Gold Ltd was the first precious metals provider in the UK to respond to this need by implementing their “Agent’s Program”, which educates financial professionals nationwide and enables them to become a trusted source of accurate information on precious metal assets for their clients. As members of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA), Physical Gold Ltd is a reliable investment partner.

    You’ll be amazed at how few clients are aware that they can put gold bullion into their pension, or that UK gold coins are completely tax-free. Physical gold provides a great alternative to ETFs, mining stocks and funds such as Blackrock’s. We find that many people (especially mature clients) prefer the simplicity of actual gold as opposed to structured or paper assets.


    The fact that our gold and silver is VAT exempt and Capital Gains Tax free is particularly beneficial with the relative high rates of both taxes, and clients are always happy to minimise their tax liabilities.

    Through our commission-based program – which can also be adapted for fee-based agents- financial professionals now have the opportunity to offer their clients physical gold and silver in their investment portfolios and pension plans.

    We will help you with the basics and support you each step of the way from educating your clients to completing each transaction. We provide you with all the tools you need for success starting with initial training, system platform access,  market research and commentary, gold presentations, all documentation and copies of our brochure.

    “Physical Gold is the most professional and reliable company that I’ve dealt with in our industry, they’re far more efficient than the huge insurance backed providers, making my life easier”
    Debbie, IFA

Agent Products

You will have access to the following unique products through the program.

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Perfect for financial professionals wanting to add gold and other precious metals to their clients' long-term portfolios.

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