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As with any physical gold investment, you only realise your profit when you manage to sell your gold.We always recommend that physical gold be seen as a medium to long term investment to maximise potential gains. Just like the stock market, prices can go down as well as up so short term speculation is not recommended. Gold should be viewed as a hedge against the potential negative market events which in its very nature is a long term strategy as we never know when the next market event will occur.

Certainly, when you buy gold you should already be considering how you will eventually sell it to maximise profits. Just like when you buy a house, the easier that asset is to sell, the better price you’ll get for it. The ease in which you can sell your gold will depend on a number of variables including;

  • Type of Gold – Gold bars, bullion coins, proof gold, numismatic coins, collectors coins, gold dust, gold nuggets
  • Variety of gold coin or bar – is the bar a recognisable brand name, a liquid coin, rare coin
  • Size of coin or bar
  • Condition of gold
  • General market conditions and liquidity
  • Quantity of bars or coins

If you bought your gold from us, then you benefit from our BUYBACK GUARANTEE, meaning you can always depend on us buying back your gold at market rate.

Types of gold

At Physical Gold Ltd we only buy and sell investment grade gold. We will NOT buy or sell gold jewellery, gold dust or gold nuggets. Our aim is to enable you to receive the best profits possible on your investment which is why we only sell well recognised, liquid coins and bars. Similarly, we are always happy to buy back the coins featured within our bullion coins page at market rate. We will generally pay a premium for proof gold coins.

Variety of gold coin or bar

The price you receive for your gold will depend on the manufacturer of your bar and the type of gold coin. Obscure bars will not sell as easily which will affect the price and less well known coins will also have less buyers. Seeking dealer guidance when buying your gold will prevent being stuck with difficlut to sell bars or coins.

Size of coin or bar

The most commonly traded sizes of gold bar are 1oz, 50g, 100g and 1KG. Larger and smaller sizes are less well traded. The same goes for coins. 1oz coins and Full Sovereigns are very liquid but fractional sizes are less common.

Condition of gold

It goes without saying that if you keep your gold in good condition it will fetch a better price. A general rule of thumb is to stick with 22 carat coins which are far more resilient than their 24 carat cousins to scratches and wear. A dealer’s price will always be affected by the condition of the gold as they will look to sell that coin or bar on. Bars should be treated with care.

Market conditions

You may see a slight variance in the prices a dealer will pay for your gold depending on the gold price and general market conditions. Generally if a dealer feels the price of gold is set to rise they are likely to bid more aggressively for your gold!

Quantity of bars or coins

Its always worth mentioning how many gold coins or bars you’re looking to sell. You may get a better price selling in quantity.

4 Steps to selling your gold with us

1. Call our team of gold experts on 020 7060 9992 or simply Contact Us to register your interest in selling gold.

2. A member of our gold specialists will discuss the type, condition and quantity of gold you wish to sell and provide a price. We do not charge commission on buying gold and pay market rate for the major bullion coins and bars.

3. If the price is agreed, you will send your gold to us with Royal Mail Special delivery (insured up to £2,500 each package) or we can send one of our couriers to pick the gold up from you for larger quantities if required.

4. Once our numismatic experts have verified and checked the gold meets your description, we will transfer the funds directly into your account!

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