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Tax Free Gold

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As market leading gold investment brokers, we select and source the best investment gold on your behalf. Regardless of your investment amount, our tiered gold buying service ensures exceptional value with a first class experience.

Starter Tier
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated gold consultant
  • 0% commission
  • Buyback Guarantee
  • Delivery to your door or Insured Storage
  • Certificate of Authenticity & full paperwork
  • Invest
  • £0 - £20k
Savvy Tier
  • Everything in the starter tier +
  • Gold price reduction (10% off gold premium)
  • 20% off insured delivery charge
  • 10% off storage charge
  • Free entry into quarterly draw to win a free Gold Half Sovereign coin
  • £20,001 - £70k
Seasoned Tier
  • Everything in starter tier +
  • Gold price reduction (20% off gold premium)
  • Free insured delivery
  • 25% off storage charge
  • Free entry into quarterly draw to win a free Gold Full Sovereign coin
  • £70k+
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    • Mixed portfolio of UK coins for optimum returns
    • CGT and VAT free
    • Amongst the most liquid coins in the market
    • Low cost gold with high buyback price
    • Small coins provides versatility to part encash holding
    • Invest again and you can use your original amount to bump you into the next tier
  • Buy Tax Free Gold Through Us

    We provide a managed tax free gold buying / investment service for both beginner and experienced gold investors.

    Whatever the amount of gold you’re looking to purchase, we can provide insight into the best type of gold to suit your needs and source it for you at the best possible price.

    Our significant buying power means we can secure the best possible tax free gold purchase price for you. We can also secure guaranteed buy back levels to help insulate your investment from market drops and maximise the potential for profit growth.

    For larger gold investment purchases we can also arrange secure storage for you and provide you with evidence of the gold’s purchase, legal ownership documents and full insurance of your stored gold. Alternatively we can deliver gold direct to your home.

    When it comes to realising all or part of your investment we can also broker the best sale deal for you – with market leading sell back rates.

    No VAT On Investment Grade Gold

    There is no VAT to pay when you buy investment grade gold. This is gold of at least 22 karat in purity and in the form of either a coin or bar. This is a great advantage over silver and platinum, both of which attract VAT.

    No Capital Gains or Income Tax

    Unlike gold mining stocks, there are no dividends when holding gold coins, so no income tax to worry about.

    There is also no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to pay when a UK resident sells Royal Mint Sovereigns, Britannias gold coins at a profit, as these coins are classified as legal tender. This contrasts with many alternative investments that attract income or capital gains tax. With UK gold coins an investor gets to keep all their profit, further enhancing returns.

    tax free goldLiquidity/Flexibility

    All the tax free coins we source are globally renowned and of the highest quality. We do not sell obscure collectors coins, so it is always easy to sell gold when you need. The fact that your tax free portfolio consists of coins rather than one large gold bar provides flexibility to sell just one of the coins or any part of the portfolio at any time.

    Limited Supply

    The market supply of these coins is limited to those issued historically and the new coins minted each year by the Royal Mint. So we regularly see demand far outstripping supply for UK coins.

    Less Volatile

    The market value of the coins fluctuates less than the spot gold price due to the additional premium balancing out any volatility in the gold price.

    Portfolio Hedge

    Gold coins provide balance to a portfolio which may also include property, cash savings, ISAs, shares, or bond holdings. With many of the traditional paper assets tending to move in a similar direction, economic downturns can be particularly punitive to the traditional investor. Paper-backed assets are “promises” of ownership, whereas physical gold offers real ownership. As a tangible asset with intrinsic value, gold provides safety, security, and a totally unique asset class which benefits every investor.


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